Sewing Projects for Oilskin Fabrics

Are you looking for inspiration for an oilskin project, or aren't sure what patterns will work with oilskin? Then look no further, to help inspire you, we have put together a little selection of patterns that we think will look great made up in our oilskin fabric. 

If you were looking for a simple project to start your oilskin journey then we have also put together a free sewing tutorial showing you how to make an oilskin tablet cover or laptop cover (it can be easily adapted to make it the best size for you.)Free Tablet Cover Pattern




Please remember that any methods we share are what we use, we always recommend that you try any of these methods first on a scrap piece of fabric to ensure it is right for you.


Hi Diane, thank you for your question, because of the way the fabric is created it doesn’t have a right or a wrong side. Hope that helps

Thank you


Caroline November 12, 2021

Does oilskin have a right and wrong side like other fabric.


Diane McRae November 12, 2021

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