miss maude rewards loyalty points program

Thank you for dropping by - we love having you here, and hope that you'll stick around!  We've created a loyalty program just for you - we want to say Thank You for being a Miss Maude Maker.  It's quite simple, Miss Maude would be nothing without you! 


Take a look below at all the ways you can earn points, redeem rewards and get access to exclusive offers.   


 ✂️ 10% off your entire order! ✂️ 600 Points To Unlock

   ✂️ 15% off your entire order! ✂️ 1200 Points To Unlock

   ✂️ 25% off your entire order! ✂️ 2400 Points To Unlock



✂️ $1 NZD spent = 1 point

Earn 1 Point for every $1 you spend either in store or online.*  Easy!

*Discounted and sale items, gift vouchers and shipping costs are excluded from earning points. 


✂️ Follow us on Instagram = 15 points

✂️ Like us on Facebook = 15 points

✂️ Write a Product Review** = 20 points

✂️ Share us on Facebook = 30 points

✂️ Refer a friend = 100 points 
           Share our loyalty info with your friends and you'll get 100 points when they make their first purchase! And your friend will get 10% off!

✂️ Your Birthday = 100 points to celebrate another trip around the sun

✂️  From time to time Miss Maude email subscribers will be given exclusive opportunities to earn bonus points! 

    *To earn bonus points you need to login into your store account and access the Miss Maude Rewards Portal. To do this, click the ✂️REWARDS✂️ tab at the bottom right of your screen then go to the EARN tab to select these actions directly and claim your bonus points. Please note it can take a few minutes for your points total to update.
    Points will not apply automatically for completing these actions outside of the Miss Maude Rewards portal.

    **You will only earn points for product reviews of products that you have purchased since the launch of our Miss Maude Rewards programme - 5 October 2022



    Frequently Asked Questions 

    You might have a question or two on some of the finer points of Miss Maude Rewards - check below to see if we've answered your question.  Otherwise, please get in touch!  This is a new programme for us, so there may be the odd glitch or something we haven't thought of yet!  Please feel free to let us know if this is the case.  

    ph. +64 (0) 6 304 7133

    How do I join Miss Maude Rewards?
    When you make a purchase online you will automatically earn Miss Maude Reward points. If you make a purchase in store and we take your name and email address, then you will automatically earn Miss Maude Reward points.

    You will need a Miss Maude store account if you would like to view your points and claim rewards.  You can do this by clicking the link here, or clicking the ✂️REWARDS✂️  button at the bottom of your screen. 

    What if I already receive emails from you?

    Subscribing to our newsletter adds your details to our email database only - it does not automatically create an account for you.  

    You will earn points in the background if you have made a purchase, but you will still need to create a store account if you would like to view your orders, points and redeem rewards. 

    If you would like to receive emails from us, you can sign up by entering your email address into the box at the very bottom of each page on our website. 

    ✂️  From time to time Miss Maude email subscribers will be given exclusive opportunities to earn bonus points! ✂️ 

    I’ve shopped with you before - can I claim points?
    Miss Maude Rewards was launched 05 October 2022.   Any purchases prior to this are not eligible for reward points.  However, if you were an existing customer prior to this date and were signed up to our mailing list at the time of launching this program you may be eligible for ‘Welcome Points'Create a store account using the email you use to shop at Miss Maude, open the Miss Maude Rewards Tab and see what’s there! 

    Please note - we were only able to apply ‘Welcome Points' where customer email details were given with historic orders.  This should include all online orders, but will not include all in store orders.   If you think you are eligible for Welcome Points, and don't see any, please get in touch. 

    How do I log in?
    Click on the little person icon at the top right of the screen and it will take you to our login page. If you are on a mobile device ‘Account’ will be in the drop down menu. 

    How do I check my Miss Maude Rewards points balance?
    You can check your balance and rewards anytime by clicking the ✂️REWARDS✂️button at the bottom of your screen and logging into your account.

    Your points will be displayed at the top of the Miss Maude Rewards portal. The EARN tab shows the different ways you can earn points. The REWARDS tab details the available rewards.

    Additionally, each time you shop, you will receive an email with your updated loyalty points balance. From here, you can click through to your loyalty profile, where you can redeem rewards. 

    What happens if I return an item?
    If you return an item and we refund you, any points earned on the purchase of that item will be cancelled.

    How do I redeem my Miss Maude Rewards points for a reward?
    In the portal, rewards are shown under the REWARDS tab and will appear as either locked, available to redeem or claimed depending on your points balance and whether you have already redeemed the reward. Once you redeem your reward you will be given a coupon code and instructions on how to use it.

    Once you redeem a reward, those points will be 'spent' and will not be available to count towards another reward option.  

    Important! Once you have claimed a reward you have 90 days to use it in store or online, so don't let it expire!

    Once I've redeemed a reward coupon, how do I use my reward?
    When you have enough points to unlock a reward, you'll be able to redeem it for a unique reward coupon code. You can apply your reward coupon code online at the checkout or bring it in store.

    Online: Copy and paste your unique code into the Discount Code box and click 'Apply'.

    In store: To use your reward in store, just let one of our team know at the counter.

    Please note:

    • You can only use one reward code per order
    • Rewards must be used within 90 days of claiming 
    • Reward discount codes cannot be combined with other discounts or offers
    • Reward discount codes can only be used for one transaction 

    Can my points expire?
    Yes, if you do not use your account within a 12 month period all your Miss Maude Rewards points will expire. 

    To keep your rewards points simply shop at least once a year and all you points will stay current for another 12 month period. 

    How do I cancel my account?
    Just get in touch and we'll remove you. We'll be sad to see you go!

    If you want to stay in Miss Maude Rewards but not receive emails or notifications, we can arrange that too. 

    Please note if you choose to be removed completely, any lost points cannot be applied if you sign up again at a later date.

    I have another question!
    If you still need help, reach out to the team on:
    ph. +64 (0) 6 304 7133


    Terms and Conditions

    Smith Fabric House t/a Miss Maude reserves the right to modify or cancel coupons at any time.

    Coupons can only be redeemed once.

    Coupons may not be used in conjunction with any other discount, gift voucher or coupon code.