Sewing Tutorial: Tablet Cover

an image of a tablet cover made from muted oilskin with the words Tablet Cover - A sewing Tutorial by Miss Maude Sewing and Fabric Supplies

This slimline tablet cover is a quick, stylish and customisable project that will bring a little handmade sensibility to your technological world.  With just one Fat 1/4 of a cotton canvas, quilting cotton or mid weight linen, plus a scrap of quilt batting or an old woollen blanket, and a little elastic, you can whip up a gorgeous new cover for your tablet - or easily customise the size to make a cover for your kindle, phone or laptop....

The wide elastic band holds the cover together securely, while still allowing quick and easy access to your devise.  Plus there are no raw edges, magnets, zips, buttons or clips to scratch or interfere with your precious technology,  

This tutorial has used the muted Hawthorne Tartan Oilskin and an Organic Cotton Poplin in Mulberry which is a beautiful crimson colour, coordinating beautifully and picking out the mulberry tones of the oilskin. You can make it your own with different coloured elastics with bright, bold colours and prints, or muted earthy tones. Have a look at the Miss Maude collection of 50mm wide elastics for inspiration. 


Customisable to suit. 

Making this as a gift?  Not sure what size to make?  Most major brands will have the dimensions of their various tablets and devices available on their websites.  Harness the power of the web!   For example, here are the current Apple iPad dimensions.

An image of the tablet cover with the iPad coming out of the cover


This tablet cover was originally designed to be made with the cotton canvas in store, but it would work just as well with any medium weight cotton, linen, denim, or quilting cotton, 


For a tablet measuring 24cm x 18.5cm you will need:

a neatly stacked pile of fabric that will be used for the project. starting with batting at the bottom, the mulberry poplin and the oilskin with a mulberry coloured elastic.


1.  Measure and write down the dimensions of your tablet.  

2.  Cut two rectangles from your main fabric - each rectangle should measure:  
the width (shortest side) of your tablet x 2.6 + 2cm for seam allowances x the length (longest side) of your tablet + 5cm.  

Note: if you make this for a laptop or other device that is more than 1cm deep, you will need the add two times the depth to the length of your rectangle.  

If you have a pattern or stripe on your fabric, you will want to match the pattern along the length of your rectangles.  

3.  Cut one rectangle from your batting that is the same size of one rectangle from your main fabric.  

4.  Cut your elastic to length. Length should measure: circumference around the width (shortest side) of your tablet + 2cm seam allowance. It is worth checking the size of your elastic before you sew it to the tablet cover. 


Pin the two main fabric, and batting rectangles together.  The batting should be on the bottom, with the two main fabric pieces right sides together on top of that.  See photos below.  

photo showing the layers of fabric in the order they need to be sewn together. Batting on the top, then the lining and oilskin on top

Ensure you match any strips or pattern when you pin.  

Sew rectangles together with a 1cm seam allowance.  Sew around all edges, but leave a 15cm opening along one short edge.

the opening of the tablet cover before it has been turned out. It shows the gap that you turn the fabric through.

 Trim corners.  

the inside of the cover with the corners cut off

Using the opening, turn cover through to the right way.  Make sure you push out the corners well to get them as square as possible - a bamboo point turner or similar will help here.  

Press, turning under the seam allowance along the opening as you go.

a shot of the end of the cover, right side out, with an opening that hasn't been sewn together.

Pin the opening together, and topstitch along this edge.  Ensure the topstitching is done with the outer side of the cover facing up.  Because I didn't want pin marks in the oilskin I used Fabric Clips to secure the fabric together. 

the iPad cover has been turned the right way out. It has been clipped shut using fabric clips ready to be sewn shut
an image showing where to do the topstitching to close the opening.
Fold elastic in half, joining raw edges together.  Sew with a 1cm seam allowance.  Finger press seam allowance open.  This is a good time to check the fit of the elastic. Make sure it is tight but not to tight and not to loose! You want it to hold but not squash it.

Mark the centre of what will be the outer side of your cover. Pin the elastic to the outer side of your cover, matching the centre point of cover with the seam of your elastic. The wrong side of your elastic should face right side of the fabric.  a flat lay showing the positioning of the band on the tablet cover

a close up of the band that attaches to the oilskin cover

Sew elastic to cover, stitching in the ditch of the elastic.  

Note: while not shown in photos, it is recommended you also add a row of topstitching on either side of the seam just sewn.  This will give extra strength to the elastic band, which will get a lot of stress while in use.  

a close up of the band under the sewing machine needle. it is stitching in the ditch of the elasticTurn the cover over, so the inside is facing up. Fold the end that you have already top stitched into the middle of the cover. This makes the pocket for your tablet.   The depth of this pocket should be just slightly less that the depth of the flap to the left.  

Pin edges. You may also like to slip your tablet in to try it for size. Adjust if necessary.

Top stitch 5mm from the edge.  Start at one bottom corner of the pocket and work your way around to the other bottom corner as indicated in the photo below.   Again, ensure you stitch with the outer side of the cover facing up.  

Trim thread, flip the elastic over the cover and you are done! 

a white woman in a grey outfit is pulling the strap on the oilskin cover.

a white woman pulling an iPad out of the case. She is wearing grey clothing


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