Sewing Essentials - Loop Turner Tool

Written By Caroline

Our Bohin Loop Turner is a fantastic tool when you are making spaghetti straps, button loops, coat loops, belt loops or drawstrings and the loop you are turning is too narrow for a bodkin.  It is a simple tool with a little hook on the end of a long length of firm wire.  The hook latches onto the fabric, is clipped shut and then you gently pull the fabric the right side out.  

To Use the Loop Turner

Cut and sew your fabric according to the pattern you are following.  If you aren't following a pattern, cut strips of fabric on the bias to the width you require plus a 1.3 seam allowance.   Fold the fabric in half length ways with right sides together and press.  Sew the length of your fabric to create a tube. 

You do not have to trim the seam allowance as it will fill the tube to give the strap that lovely full shape.

Trim one end of your fabric tube on an angle as in the image below. This will help initially as you start to turn your fabric through to the right side. 

Insert the Loop Turner in the opposite end of the fabric tube. 

a white tube with the end cut at an angle with some scissors next to it.

Fasten the hook to the end that has been cut on the diagonal and fasten it shut. 

a close up of a loop tuner hook through white fabric on a black background

Then slowly work the hook back through the tube by pulling on the turner so it turns the fabric the right way out. 

on a black background there is a white fabric tube that is pulled half way through and a loop turner at the other end

And now attach the strap or drawstring according to your pattern instructions. 


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Sewing Essentials Loop Turner Tool tutorial

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