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Written By Caroline

I have a soft spot for our Clover Hot Hemmer  as it has radically reduced how much my fingers have been scorched from ironing hems - particularly some of those narrow hems on shirts!  It also makes ironing hems so much quicker and more accurate. 

The Hot Hemmer keeps my fingers a safe distance from the iron as I press the hem (unlike my efforts with a tape measure!), and as such this has now become an essential tool in my sewing arsenal.  It is shaped with long straight edges so that folding straight hems is a breeze, plus a handy curved section for curved hems.  

The Hot Hemmer is marked in 5mm increments up to 50mm (5cm) which allows you to easily measure the depth of your hem and iron it in place in one easy step. 

To use, simply fold the fabric over to the hot hemmer so that the edge of the fabric aligns with the relevant depth of hem you are wanting to achieve (in the image above, this is 2cm).  Then press - the hot hemmer withstands high temperatures. 

a close up of the hot hemmer with a white bit of fabric being ironed to show how to use it.


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I’m really pleased to hear that Shelley. Its one of the tools that I love the most too! its saved my fingers on more than one occasion!

Caroline from Miss Maude June 28, 2022

It is one of the best additions to my toolkit from Miss Maude. One of those things I never knew I needed, or how much.

Shelley June 28, 2022

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