Patterns for Knit Fabric, ideal for layering.

Great Basics to add to your Winter Wardrobe

Layering your clothes is often essential in the winter to keep warm and is a great tool to cope with the changes in seasons. It also extends the life of your summer clothing - pop a turtleneck and some leggings under a summer dress and you have a completely new outfit. An outfit that was once only suitable for a summer day can now work as a transitional piece for autumn or spring or a full winter outfit! 

a picture of a white woman with long dark hair wearing a dark green dress layered over the top of a grey turtleneck

We have a few basic sewing patterns that are perfect for layering in the winter months and are designed for knit fabrics which makes them nice and quick to sew up. Or they can just be worn by themselves when its starts getting warmer. 

The Concord T-Shirt by Cashmerette and the The Rise and Fall Turtleneck by Papercut Patterns are ideal for wearing under dresses or hand knitted jumpers and add a layer of warmth. Our Organic Interlock Knit would be a perfect match for these patterns. It would be so soft against the skin and the nature of the interlock means it will trap lots of warmth too!

Two ladies wearing leggings. One is standing facing the camera and is wearing a dark t-shirt and grey leggings and the second is standing sideways to the camera and is wearing patterned leggings with a light grey jumper

If you wanted a layer of warmth under a dress or long top to make it a tunic then the Belmont Leggings by Cashmerette or Virginia Leggings in both adults and childrens sizes by Megan Nielsen Patterns are what you are looking for. Both could be made in our super soft organic cotton jersey

two photos one of a lady standing side ways and looking at the camera and the second is a 10 year old girl with her back to the camera wearing a pair of grey leggings and a black sweatshirt with white hearts on the elbows.
The Briar Top in both adults and childrens sizes by Megan Nielsen Patterns is another great layering pattern. Team the Briar and the Virginia together and they would also make great pyjamas or the ultimate lounge suit-  you could perhaps even make matching ones for you and your little ones or grandkids!

For the men, there are the a couple of t-shirt patterns that would be great for layers. The Milor Tee by I Am Patterns or the Sayward Raglan by Thread Theory Patterns are great basic tees and depending on your preference either the Organic Jersey or Organic Interlock would be perfect! Or for a more stable thicker knit our Sideline Cotton Knit would be great. It's still so soft but is a little bit heavier than the jersey. 

two men in t-shirts. One is wearing a stripy long sleeve knit and the other is a raglan sleeve knit with white sleeves and grey body

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