Linen Apron - a sewing pattern by Miss Maude

finished apron and on a man holding a bowl

This simple linen apron made up in our European Laundered Linen with Cotton Tape ties and features deep front pockets making it both practical and stylish. Beautiful in its simplicity, the detailing on this pattern will give you a durable apron that is just as beautiful on the inside as it is on the out. Mitred corners, reinforced pockets and no sign of a raw edge in sight! 

Make this as a gift for the foodie in your life, but then again you may just want to keep it for yourself!

a close up of a dark blue denim apron with a white and blue stripe tieSuggested Fabrics

This has been designed for our European Laundered Linen Fabrics in store, but it would work just as well with any medium weight linen such as our mid-weight Maison Linen Fabric. The range of heavier weight Washer Linen Fabric would also work really well for this apron. We class a medium weight fabric as one that weighs between 180gsm and 250gsm.

If you wanted a heavier, more worker style apron for a home DIYer that can withstand something more than cooking, then our heavier Denim Fabric, Cotton Canvas or Oilskin Fabric would be perfect and create a really unique apron! 


One size fits most, designed to wrap around the body.   Finished dimensions:  91cm wide x 46cm long. This is easily customisable to suit. 

You will need:

  • 1/2 metre of 140cm wide Medium Weight Linen fabric
  • 2.5 metres of Cotton Tape or similar for ties (Unfortunately we have sold out of the tape pictured in the photos and have linked to the cotton tape we do have.)
  • Matching Thread

Before you start:  It is recommended that you prewash or soak your fabric and cotton tape to ensure any shrinkage happens before you cut!


Cut two rectangles - one for the pocket and one for the main apron.  

Cut the following sizes:
Pocket: 45cm wide x 22cm deep
​Apron: 95cm wide x 50cm deep


Prepare Pocket:  

Create a mitred corner in each bottom corner of the pocket fabric by folding each of the bottom corners towards the inside to create small right angled triangles with sides 20mm long.  

a blue denim square with a small corner folded up and 20mm written on it.Press. 

On each side and the bottom of the pocket, fold 10mm in towards the wrong side.

a dark blue denim rectangle with a side folded up and a sewing gauge showing the amount of 1cmPress.  

a blue denim square with the side folded up and a sewing measuring gauge showing the distance of 1cmFinish the top edge of the pocket by folding it in towards the wrong side twice. Each fold should be about 12mm.

a blue denim square showing the top edge folded over and a measuring gauge showing the amount that it is pressed over by which is 12mmPress.

the body of the long rectangle with the top folded over twiceTop stitch the top of the pocket, 10mm from the edge.  

a photo showing the top edge top stitched down

Attach pocket: 

Fold both the pocket and apron in half to find the centre front of each piece. 

Aligning the centre fronts, pin the pocket to the apron 18cm down from the top edge.  

the apron laid out and a long ruler sticking out the pocket

Edge stitch around the sides and bottom of the pocket,

A close up of a sewing machine foot sewing close to the edge of the pocket Pivot with the machine needle down at each corner.  

a close up of the needle and the sewing foot pivoting on the corner of the apronStart and finish your stitching at each top corner of the pocket with a half arrow-head to add strength.  See the photo below for detail. 

a close up of the pocket stitching the and the direction to take when strengthening the pocketAdd a second row of topstitching 5mm inside the edge stitching.  Again pivot at the corners and add a half arrow-head at the top corners.  

a close up of the pocket on the apron showing the marking of where to sew for the second timeYou will end up with a small cross in each top corner.  

a close up of the pocket with a small stitched cross in the corner to give it strengthMark the centre line of the pocket with tailor's chalk (test chalk first on a scrap of fabric to ensure it will easily brush off).

pocket with a ruler and chalk on the denim and a chalk mark down the centre to show the placement of the stitchingTopstitch, following the line to create two front pockets.  Stitch a small triangle at the top of the pocket to add strength.  

a close up of the top of the pocket showing a very small stitched triangle with a pin either side of it. The pins have yellow heads which really stand out against the denimMitre apron corners and finish edges:  

On the side and bottom edges of the apron fold 10mm towards the wrong side.

a close up of the corner of the apron showing the sides turned upPress.  

Open the folds - at the bottom corners and where the two fold lines meet, cut off a small right angled triangle.   

the same image as previous but with the corner trimmed offRefold and press.  

As you did with the pocket, fold each of the bottom corners towards the inside to create small right angled triangles with sides 24mm long.  


On each side and the bottom of the apron, fold 12mm in towards the wrong side.

the corner again but the right hand edge has been folded overPress.  ​​

the same photo as previous of the corner folded up and the edges have been pressed downTopstitch 10mm from the edge along the sides and bottom of the apron.

the corner of the apron that has been folded down but has now been stitched down

Prepare the Cotton Ties:

Finish each end of the cotton tape by folding over twice and topstitching. 

a close up of blue and white tape with the end folded up and sewn down to make it neat and not fray

Aligning the centre of the apron and cotton tape, pin the tape to the apron with wrong sides facing. The raw edge of the apron should sit along the middle of the tape.  Baste in place.  

the right side of the denim is showing and the wrong side of the cotton tape with two yellow pins
Turn over and edge stitch to join the tape to the apron.  

Remove basting stitches.

the tape and denim but under the sewing machine and showing it being sewn downFold tape over to the right side of apron.  


same photo as previous but the other side of the fabric with the tape folded down and being edged stitched downTop stitch in place.  

a close up of the tape being stitched down on the back of the apronAnd you are done! But to give or to keep? Let us know!

flat lay of the final apron all stitched and finished


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A free sewing pattern for a linen apron


Thanks Veronica!! We would love to see your finished item! Happy Sewing!! Caroline, Miss Maude Sewing

Caroline October 12, 2021

Brilliant! Thank you for the generous offer which I shall certainly be making up ASAP.

Veronica October 12, 2021

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