PDF Sewing Patterns

We're delighted to be able to offer sewing patterns in PDF format!  First up is the full Merchant & Mills pattern range.   If you are new to this format of pattern - read on and we'll explain. 

A PDF sewing pattern is a digital file that you can either print out at home, or have it printed professionally for you.  When you purchase a PDF sewing pattern from Miss Maude, you will receive access to it as soon as we have received payment for your order.  This is normally immediately, so it's a great option if you need it in a hurry!

PDF sewing patterns will come with the following files:

  • Instructions
  • A4 (tiled) file
  • A0 (copy shop) file

The instructions and A4 files can be printed out on standard domestic printers - always make sure to print at 100% scale.  The pattern will have a test square for you to measure to check that you have printed the pattern at the correct scale. 


The A4 patterns sheets then need to be taped or glued together like tiles to creat the entire pattern.  Depending on the style of garment, there might be anywhere from 25 to 80 A4 sheets to stick together.   Below is a part example of an A4 tiled pattern:

This can be a little time consuming, but you can get started straight away if you have access to a printer.  

The third file is an A0 Copy Shop file. This file needs to be printed on a wide format printer - you can find these at commercial print shops, or we can do it for you here at Miss Maude.  A0 is 841 x 1189 mm, so there is no need to tape anything together!  

Now that we offer a wide format printing service - you can purchase your pattern, have it printed and sent out to you in one easy step.  This means that our sewing patterns with PDF format options will never be out of stock, and are always available to you as printed patterns ready to use straight out of the packet.  Nice. 

Our printing service includes an A0 printed copy of the pattern on quality 80gsm paper, a printed instruction booklet, and a beautiful card envelope to store your pattern.   

Simply select 'PDF + Printed Sewing Pattern' as your pattern format when you purchase your pattern. 

Once you have purchased a PDF sewing pattern from Miss Maude you will be emailed a download link to access your files.   This link will remain active for 2 months, so we recommend you download your pattern file(s) and store them on your computer or drive.   You can also access your downloads in your account section of this website. 

We also offer A0 wide format printing service if you would like us to print PDF patterns that you have purchased elsewhere.  Simply send us your PDF pattern file following the instructions here.

Please note: 

  • PDF pattern sales are for personal and single use only (no sharing)
  • There are strictly no refunds on PDF pattern sales

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