Name Changes for some Papercut Patterns

a white woman wearing a royal blue long-sleeved tee shirt with dropped shoulders. On the shoulder seams are ruffles. she is wearing it with back trousers and is standing on a white background

Papercut Patterns recently made the announcement that in light of the recent discussions online addressing cultural appropriation, racism and hate against Asian Culture, they have decided to change the names of some of their patterns that were originally named after Japanese cities.

When they designed the patterns years ago, they named them after Japanese places out of their adoration for the beautiful Japanese aesthetic. At that time, they did not realise that this could be hurtful or inappropriate. They understand that this is problematic and that their actions, no matter how well intended from their point of view, have caused hurt. And they deeply apologise.

a white woman wearing a short hip length jacket in a muted mid grey animal print. She is standing on a white background and is wearing black trousers

They have changed the names of the following patterns: 

Because sustainability is one of their core values, they have decided to release the name change from their next print run. This is to eliminate unnecessary waste.

If you would like to tag your Papercut Patterns makes, they have suggested the following hashtags for you to use!


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