Sewing Review: The Oversized Shirt


Pattern  - The Assembly Line - T205 Oversized Shirt

Size - Medium. Arna's Measurements are 92cm Bust, 81cm Waist, 98cm Hips.

Fabric - Organic Cotton Poplin - White

Buttons - 11.5mm White Shell Buttons 

Skill Level - Intermediate Sewer

Maker - Caroline


Skills Used

  • Constructing a collar
  • Constructing cuffs
  • Constructing a placket
  • Inserting inseam pockets
  • Sewing buttonholes


We love to have things on display that we know you will love to make or will inspire your next project and this shirt is one of those items! 

The Assembly Line Oversized Shirt is described as a classic shirt but with an oversized fit, it has relaxed shoulders, a rear box pleat and side seam pockets. 

We think this all makes for a shirt that is wonderfully comfortable and has plenty of room for extra helpings of dessert!  If sewn in light weight fabrics (such as one of our cotton lawn fabrics) you have the perfect formula for a breezy summer style that also protects you from the blazing sun. 

No alterations were needed for this make and we made it exactly according to the instructions and finished with the traditional shirt collar. The sewing pattern gives you two collar options, a traditional shirt collar or a standing straight collar for a more casual feel. 

a close up of two ladies standing next to each other laughing. one has dark hair and it is tied up and the other has blonde hair and it is downThe instructions are really great for this sewing pattern and makes it a smooth construction. Depending on the fabric that you use it can be worn layered with trousers and a cardigan or sew it in a beautiful linen fabric to wear as a dress.  We think the Oversized Shirt is a very versatile pattern which can be customised to make a unique piece of clothing for your wardrobe to be worn over and over again.

woman standing with back to camera wearing a white cotton oversized shirt


white oversized shirt back yoke detail

The pattern talks you through the different parts of making a shirt, breaking it down in to steps to help reduce any confusion. It is an excellent hand holding pattern! 

We've also created a series of detailed Shirt Construction posts that you might find useful.  


This is a great basic shirt that will get a lot of wear for a long time. It is a project that requires you to take your time and to not rush through it, a perfect mindful sewing project.  I found that I got lost in it.  I was so busy concentrating on construction details that I was able to shut out all the distractions and stresses that are happening in the world at the moment.  It is time consuming but also hugely satisfying and you get a wonderful and timeless garment when you finish. 


Below are the different stages to making a shirt, if there is a particular part of the shirt making process that you are interested in then you can go straight to it!


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Sewing Pattern Review The Oversized Shirt by The Assembly Line

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