New Sewing Magazine, Tauko available for pre-order now!

the cover photo of Tauko issue one. A lady with dark skin and hair is wearing a beige beret style hat and a plae blue / grey linen jumpsuit. She is crouching down on a rock and smiling broadly at the camera

We are delighted that the eagerly anticipated Tauko Magazine will soon be arriving in store, we've seen a sneak peek and its even more lovely than we were expecting! 

If you haven’t heard about Tauko Magazine, it's the newest sewing magazine on the block and we have made sure that we have it in the store for you, which means no expensive overseas shipping for you or delays on getting your hands on it!

The theme of the first issue of the magazine is The Age of The Makers and they deep dive into the theme of Makerism.

If you are a newsletter subscriber you will already have had the opportunity to pre-order one of these beautifully produced magazines (an excellent reason to subscribe to our newsletter). We have now opened it to everyone, you can pre-order this beautiful magazine from our website to make sure you don't miss out.  

Tauko Magazine

Tauko Magazine is an independently published sewing magazine based in Helsinki and Berlin, with a focus on sewing, climate, culture and community and it is full of an aspirational nordic vibe.

Founded by the owners of the fashion label of the same name, Kaisa Rissanen and Mila Moisio describe themselves as ‘art researchers, fashion designers, and passionate fighters for planetary wellbeing.’ You can expect inspiring things from this magazine. 

an shot of the interior of the magazine of an article titled 'could makers revolutionise the fashion industry

What can you expect from Tauko Magazine

Tauko Magazine will have both a collection of sewing patterns and meaningful articles designed to make you think, making its name Tauko, which stands for a break or a pause in Finnish, appropriate. The aim of Tauko is to make the sewing experience empowering, exciting and fun. 

Each issue will feature more than 10 sewing pattern designs, these will be created by well known designers and newcomers from the sewing community. The curated selection intends to make sewing clothing accessible to anyone willing to try out sewing and learn new skills. The magazine has actual-size paper patterns, easy guidelines, images, and illustrations. 

A New Zealand Pattern Company is a Featured Designer

Another BIG reason we are excited about the launch of this magazine is that there is some home grown talent appearing as one of the featured designers. Jo from Forget-Me-Not Patterns has designed a versatile wrap cardigan called the Kirsi, it is a wrap cardigan with a voluminous flounce and a fitted bodice and sleeves. You can choose between a longer or shorter flounce, to add a snap fastener or a belt or omit the sleeves all together.

black and white line drawing of a loose caridigan called the Kirsi. It is loose on the line drawing

What to expect in future issues

The focus of the TAUKO magazine is to create a platform for international pattern designers to show their work and each issue will includes some patterns from the owners, Kaisa and Mila to compliment the collection. With each issue they will introduce and deep dive into the sewing community and also feature interviews of creatives and makers who inspire the community. We are so excited to see and read more!

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