Maker's Scarf Helping Raise Funds for Hospice Wairarapa

Update - Thank you to everyone that came in and added a row to our scarf.  Over the period of July as part of our Greytown Festival of Christmas celebrations. 

We had well over 100 people participate in our scarf, it ended up being wider than expected, and measured in at 115cm long.  Although shorter than we hoped we will still be donating $1000 to Hospice Wairarapa. 

Emma and Tracey standing together in front of the a wall of different coloured yarnEmma with Tracey Harris from Hospice Wairarapa getting ready to knit a community scarf

We wanted to use this as an opportunity to involve you, our community in raising money for Hospice Wairarapa.  You are invited to come and help us knit a scarf - for every 1cm knitted of the scarf, Miss Maude will donate $5 to Hospice Wairarapa (up to a maximum of $1000).  But we need YOU to help knit the scarf - so please, come along, take a seat and knit a row (or two..). We'll even give you a delicious locally baked gingerbread cookie for you efforts!  ....we made sure to give them a thorough taste test for you!

It will be taking place for the whole of July so there is plenty of time, to come sit, have a chat and relax into some knitting.  On fine days, we have a welcoming spot outside (and a couple of blankets to keep any winter chills at bay), and if the weather turns south, we have a couple of chairs inside in the warm. 

It really doesn't matter what your skill level is, from beginners to advanced - anyone is welcome to come and knit a few stitches.   

We are also proud to support Fabric a Brac Wairarapa which is taking place on the 2 July - another wonderful fundraiser for Hospice Wairarapa. 

July is going to be fun in the Village - we have done a roundup of our favourite things to do during the month. There are plenty of things for all of the family.

We hope to see you here! 

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