Winter Tweed Delivery has now landed in store!

12 March 2021, written by Caroline

I don't know about you, but I have started to notice a definite chill in the mornings and there is an autumnal feeling in the air. Instead of mourning the loss of summer (it is my second favourite season) I have decided to embrace the coming of winter and celebrate the beautiful winter fabrics that we have in the store. 

The beginning of autumn is never a bad time to start planning and making so that you are ready for winter. And these gorgeous tweeds won’t stick around for long! I came up with a selection of patterns that I think would work well with the tweeds that are narrower than normal. 

The tweeds that I have featured below are all 74cm wide. Most patterns call for fabric that is 140cm wide. If you do have a pattern that needs a wide length then double the amount of fabric that it calls for. But do check that none of the pattern pieces are more than 74cm wide or are cut on the fold. If this is the case you may have to add an extra seam.

The Belvedere Waistcoat by Thread Theory

The Belvedere Waistcoat by Thread Theory is an absolute classic. Well fitting and not too fussy, it is a dream combination with tweed. I can see this made up in the Herringbone Tweed Coating. Carissa picked the Reveal Linen Viscose Cinnamon for the back of the waistcoat which would look stunning. 

a picture of the belvedere waistcoat pattern on the herringbone tweed which is a knobbly brown tweed.

The Harry Cape by I AM Patterns

I Am Patterns have some lovely patterns and I can see the Harry Cape looking fantastic while cycling along through some autumnal leaves! The Houndstooth Tweed Coating would keep you very warm! It would need some adjustment as the back panel is made out of one piece but this could be pieced in three pieces like the front and wouldn't detract from the gorgeousness of the jacket. 

A white I Am Patterns envelope on the the houndstooth tweed

The Field Belt Bag and Costermonger Bag by Merchant and Mills

If time isn’t on your side but you still want to make a little something, then a bag could be the way forward. The Merchant and Mills Field Belt Bag is suitable for beginners and only uses a small amount of fabric. 

If you need something bigger, then how about the Merchant and Mills Costermonger Bag - a tote bag that has been re-imagined as a backpack.  It uses less than a meter of fabric and could easily be colour blocked to have a slightly more protective oilskin on the bottom and tweed on the top. Fabulous!  The tweed that I have picked for either of these bags is this Barleycorn Tweed Coating. And it would look great with the Conker Oilskin fabric if you did want to colour-block it. 

The Costermonger bag and the field belt bag patterns places on a barley comb tweed fabric.


The Terra Pant by Pattern Fantastique 

Although not a tweed in the traditional sense of the word the Plains Houndstooth Wool is still a gorgeous fabric. It comes in the 152cm width as well, so less fussing than with a thin width. The Terra Pant by Pattern Fantastique would be great in the Plains Houndstooth. 

The Trapeze Dress by Merchant and Mills

Not sold on a pair of pants and would prefer the quicker sew of a dress. I thought the Trapeze Dress By Merchant and Mills would be fabulous in the same Plains Houndstooth Tweed, It has a lovely soft drape to it, and teamed with a thick pair of tights and boots, it would look fabulous!

The pattern fantastique and trapeze dress patterns on a brown and beige small houndstooth fabric

I hope these suggestions have sparked some ideas for you. Please do tag us in any of your tweedy makes! We would love to see them! #missmaudenz

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