denim fabric buying guideDenim is denim, right?   Well, no, not really..... here's a run down of some of the things you should consider before selecting denim fabric for your next sewing project.   Hopefully this will help shed some light ...and if you still can't quite make up your mind, don't forget you can always order samples before committing to a project. 


Denims range in weight from about 6oz through to about 15oz.   
  • 6oz denim is similar to a heavy weight chambray and great for shirts, dresses and shorts
  • 9oz denim is normally the starting weight for jeans.  This is a very versatile weight as it is light enough for structured dresses and skirts, but also heavy enough for light weight jeans.   
  • 11oz - 12oz denim is probably what you are used to seeing in the stores for your 'average' pair of jeans.  
  • 13oz denim is thick and sturdy denim, a great option for hardwearing jeans and bags.   
  • 15oz denim is really thick! 


The denim you choose will either be rigid denim or stretch denim - you will need to refer to your pattern for what type you will need.  As the names suggest, rigid denim is just that  - normally 100% cotton.  While stretch denim will have a lycra/elastane/spandex content.   The percentage content of the spandex and the percentage stretch are the two main things to look out for when selecting stretch denim.   Don't get confused between the two!   Your pattern will have been designed with either a stretch content or stretch percentage - so pay attention!  
  • STRETCH CONTENT:  This refers to the amount of lycra/elastane/spandex yarns used in the weaving of the denim.  Normally this will be somewhere between 1% and 4%.  
  • STRETCH PERCENTAGE:  This refers how far the denim fabric will stretch across the grain, or from selvedge to selvedge.   You can easily calculate this at home by taking a 10cm square piece of fabric and stretching it across the grain as far as you can.  For example, if you can stretch your 10cm piece out to 14cm, then the fabric has 40% stretch:  ((14cm-10cm)/10cm) x 100


When denim is manufactured at the mill it is first woven on looms, then often undergoes a treatment process called sanforizing.  This process is essentially moistening, steaming and stretching the fabric repeatedly to   remove most (if not all potential shrinkage).   The result is often a smoother looking denim.  

Loomstate, or raw denim, on the other hand, doesn't go through the shrinking process.   We end up with denim fabric that is straight off the loom.   This gives a slightly rougher, more textured denim.   If you are using this denim be sure to take into account that the fabric will shrink when washed - normally 5-10%.    Some people prefer the slightly more rugged look of this denim and choose to wear the denim without washing it first.  If you choose this option - consider sizing up and your garment will shrink to fit after its first wash. 


vintage selvedge denim burlington

Selvedge denim is denim fabric that has tightly woven edges (that don't fray) on either side of the fabric.  The selvedge is normally a contrasting colour(s) and often used as a design detail in the finished garment.   Selvedge denim is woven on narrow looms, where a continuous weft yarn snakes left to right and back again across the fabric.   This continuous weft is what creates the finished edge.     Non-selvedge denim by comparison has the weft yarn cut each time it reaches the edge of the loom, creating a frayed edge.  

The important consideration when choosing between the two is to note the width of the fabric.   You are likely to need more of a narrow selvedge denim which is often 70-80cm wide.    If you are using selvedge denim to make jeans, you'd lay the pattern pieces out so that the outer leg seam sits on the selvedge, giving a great design detail when you turn up your cuffs. 


You can choose to either prewash your denim or not before sewing.  Except for the raw denims you are not likely to experience any shrinkage.  BUT - I do recommend you check shrinkage first, and take this into account when sizing you garment.    A quick way to check how much your chosen denim fabric might shrink is to cut a swatch (approximately the size of a post card), record its size, soak it thoroughly then dry with a hot iron.   Compare the swatch size before and after.    From here you can decide if you want to pre-wash or not. 

If you do choose to pre-wash your denim fabric, consider the following:
  • Place the denim loosely in the washing machine.  You are almost always guaranteed to get dye leach from your denim - this leaching contributes to the wonderful and unique patina of your ol' trusty worn jeans.   If your denim is too cramped in the machine, the dye may leach unevenly leaving permanent marks where you probably don't want them. 
  • Consider washing the denim in small batches.   You could cut your denim fabric into smaller pieces to ensure a loose fit in the washing machine.   Check against your pattern pieces first to ensure you will still be able to cut them all out!
  • Use the bath tub!  If your machine just won't handle the bulk of a large piece of denim - simply soak in the bath tub instead.  Make sure you leave the denim for some time to really soak through.  
  • Use a wash temperature and cycle as you would wash your finished garment.
  • Iron when dry.  Use the iron setting that you will use during construction or what you will iron the finished garment with - whichever is the hottest. 


old faded jeans denim buying guide

The nature of denim is that the indigo dye will leach and rub off.  And it will do so in a completely unique way to each wearer - one of the joys of wearing in a new pair of jeans or jacket!  Do be wary though, that while sewing with new denim you may get some dye rub off - so watch out for that crisp white pile of linen sitting on the corner of your sewing table!  



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Denim fabric buying guide, everything you need to know to choose the perfect denim to sew with



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plant seeds to Germination

components of a Tomato seedling

blooming facilities (to include tomatoes) take more like as well times causing seeds. the effort your little and powerful develop absolutely indoor any seed starting is to bust out or sustain rising into a mature. each compact natural is considered an embryonic ; Embryonic tactics it is located at an early on back in sourcing. typically the embryonic plant along with embryonic base known as radicle and something or two embryonic debris called cotyledons. unquestionably the child like plant likewise has a plumule, Which will develop into the film (never ever obvious inside of determine 2).

a single storage cover, booked a seed starting fur also testa, surrounds the exact embryonic plant. a few embryonic tomatoes, incorporating the vegetable tomatoes, Get the they must germinate anywhere from put in energy into the seeds the endosperm. it vigour is sometimes starchy foods, A specialized carb made up of many suscrose substances joined together with each other. various other sorts of seed products, labelled as non endospermic seed-stock, The saved capability is by the cotyledons. Peas and ecologically friendly coffee beans might be two plus the seedlings with not endospermic signs. its heyday vegetation is indexed by what number cotyledons they may of during their hybrid tomato seeds. a new its heyday shrub has already seed products by working with one cotyledon, actually embryonic leaf, It is called a monocotyledon, Or monocot abbreviated.

each and every flowering develop employs vegetables as well as two cotyledons, It is termed a dicotyledon, Or dicot for brief. Tomato plants are dicotyledons (discover believe 2).

the actual of a seedling in advance of when

seed products can be found lively, But they just don’t be always and forever. a lot seed, similar to let’s eat some onions, just go on most of the germinating aptitude because one year. other brands, prefer cucumber to lettuce, may as well sprout soon after five extended time plus. Tomato signs would certainly live for at least four lengthy.

in nature, plant seeds traverse the surroundings with the intention that veggies may easily allow to increase of contemporary settings the places they’re not going to have to play competitively with their mother and father. vegetables can certainly get through the process of wind, Water while well as all by hitchhiking concerning coat behind animals. Tomato seeds can make use of other animals in order for carrying otherwise. generally live prevent and grow during the animals and insects waste. selected Tomatosphere seed obtain only dependable travelling on a place shuttle service!

superb Siberian seeds

currently the best seeds in systematically emerge experienced been 32,000 years! we were looking at signs from the local its heyday tree called a tiny leafed campion. european scientists was alerted to currently the seed products protected throughout the snowing conditions Siberia.

of Tomato hybrid tomato seeds

like all seed products, Tomato vegetables getaway inactive until mid-air is carrying all the circumstances meant for germination. signs will be needing water, Oxygen and consequently warmness to own cultivating.

rainless vegetables have proven to be inactive (meet sort 3A). Water softens the testa to become proficient [url=]russian date tips[/url] for the embryonic also to sprout. Water could also grabbed into the cells together with embryonic grow plants and simply puts in the cells more robust.

Oxygen on top of that makes its way into most of the seed. the pets or animals, vegetation panels are looking for oxygen of taking in oxygen, Which is the procedure of getting unhealthy calories by means of what you eat. at this time, The tomato seedling could get utilities on the endosperm.

Different seed-stock germinate highest quality at different temperatures. typically, cold heat range circumvent germination additionally warm root greater germination. Tomato plant seeds are not likely to emerge directly below 10 and therefore that treasured wide selection typically is 16 30 a tomato seed seems to have water, Oxygen and as a result ambiance, often the embryonic garden starts to grow, by making use of power use [url=]russian date tips[/url] inside endosperm. The radicle is part one so that you can carry on the softened testa (recognize toy 3B and as a consequence 3C) as cotyledons turn out next (know decide 3D). given that environmentally friendly predicaments getaway beneficial, the guarana plant will carry on growing, considering the origins providing downwards the actual blast and cotyledons constantly pushing upside.

topographical conditions, which include water, Oxygen and the proper hotness tend to be you will germination, so types of treatments while in the seeds are required to. for example, Embryonic tomato blossoms present hgh known as gibberellins within the germination. be of assistance damage the endosperm coupled with testa so the embryonic vegetable most likely will sprout.

mainly because the tomato seed starting builds, It quits using filed force your own endosperm and in addition creates featuring a cotyledons making its very own by way of photosynthesis. this is how the guarana plant begins to need sun light coupled with carbon dioxide apart from water, Oxygen and even heating. rays, Carbon dioxide, but water are typical essential for photosynthesis that occur.

returning tomasigns do not require solid ground germinate (pay a visit to frame 3). additionally, The seedlings will ultimately needs to be placed in mud to access the vitamins and nutrients and mineral deposits they should become beneficial tomato shrubs.

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