Gifts Galore for Knitters or Sewists!

a collection of brightly coloured pencils, tape measure, and stitch markers for knittersOh Christmas, here you are again!  We know that trying to think of gifts for everyone can be a challenge, especially when this time of year can be so busy. So we've collated a wee gift guide to help you out - well, at least for the makers on your list.  Or, perhaps you want to forward this email onto someone as a not so subtle nudge nudge, wink wink....

We have a great gift guide to suit every budget - whether that's a stocking filler or something to share with your sewing group, or perhaps you're feeling extra generous this year?

We've also put our thinking caps on and come up with some beautiful gift sets for both sewists and knitting.  This makes choosing a gift even easier.  And to make our bespoke gift sets even more special, we will include a complimentary $5 gift voucher for all sets over $50.

Gifts For Sewists

We have some brilliant gifts sets for all sorts of abilities.

Our Sewing Essentials Gift Set is a perfect and useful gift for any sewist.

a selection of pins, magnet and needles on a black background

The It Happens is a fun and humorous present for someone who doesn't mind a bit of swearing!

A pair of purple socks, seam ripper and sweary sewist labelsMy personal favourite is the beautiful handcrafted Tailor's Essentials gift set.  It includes our tailor's clapper, hand turned awl/seam ripper and a tailor's chalk pencil.

a tailors wooden clapper on a black background and tailors chalk and a seam ripper

Gifts for Knitters

Know a knitter that has everything? 

Beautiful yet essential items are included in the Knitters Care gift set which is sure to be a joy to open.

a selection of beige coloured items on a black background. There is a darning egg, labels, piling comb, darning needles and elbow patchesFor the learner this Knitters Notions gift set if both beautiful and scissors, bronze bulb shaped pins and a black tape measure are on a black backgroundAn experienced knitter may prefer a delightful knitting journal to document their journey.

a yellow linen covered note book with a box of black pencils on top of the note book. it is photographed backgroundGift Voucher and Wrapping 

All our Gift Bundles are wrapped using our signature black cloth and a beautiful blank tag for you to write your own message. 

If you prefer to build your own gift we do offer a gift wrapping service as an added extra. 

Or perhaps you would like to give someone the opportunity to choose their own present, in which case a gift voucher is perfect! We offer the option of either a physical gift voucher or an online gift voucher, whichever suits you best!An image with the words Physical Gift Voucher overlayed over a card with sewing and knitting notions of it

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