Behind the Scenes....

Written by Emma.

Running a, what a privilege!  Oh, and what a lot of work too!  No such thing as 9-5 around here!!  You might know that we operate both an online and a bricks and mortar retail store.  It's akin to running two business at the same time!   Read on and watch the video to find out how the store started, how we fill our days, and what it's like to be online. 

We love being able to have the physical store (located in the heart of Greytown Village, one of the prettiest villages in the country!) so we can share our wares; chat to you and help you with your latest makes (we particularly love it when you show us what you've made!); and of course to meet you in person.  It's also an excuse for us to spend time displaying our curated selection of fabric, yarn and's almost as good as actually finding enough hours in the day to knit and sew all the projects that we collectively dream of! 

While this is soooo much fun, we also have to balance the needs of our online store - so we only open the store three days a week (our opening hours).  I know this seems a little unconventional for a retail store, but it's necessary to ensure we can manage everything with our small team. 

miss maude online store

While the store front is closed, the space turns into a hive of activity as we ship orders, restock, merchandise, plan next season collections, create shop samples;  and then there is all the comms, marketing, finance, HR work....oh, and making sure the toilets are cleaned!  The delights of small business!! 

Scroll down for some behind the scenes photos and a video on what it's like to run a digital business. 

Miss Maude Sewing - Creative from Digital Boost on Vimeo.

measuring fabric at miss maude fabric store


We look forward to you coming to visit Liz! thank you for your kind words

Caroline November 08, 2022

I love Miss Maude! Just received another parcel with patterns and magazines. Can’t wait to sit down and read & plan my next project. I am currently planning a road trip from Auckland to include visiting Greytown & immersing myself in the store itself. Thanks heaps for providing this wonderful service.

Liz Summerville November 08, 2022

This is such a beautiful and informative blog post/video! You guys run the most fabulous business, thank you for all your hard work to supply us with beautiful and lovely fabrics❤ I would love to visit your gorgeous store in person one day! X

May March 08, 2022

Congratulations Emma and Team! You are building such a fantastic and unique business! I hope to visit one day, but in the mean time get to enjoy your online store and happy delivery days of gorgeous fabrics! X

Sophie - Below the Kōwhai February 18, 2022

It looks wonderful!

Jessica February 18, 2022

I love your online store and my fingers itch to stitch every time I log on to check what is available. Maybe one day I can visit the physical shop and meet you all in person, in the meantime thankyou for sending me beautiful things and little messages and cards of encouragement.

Rhonda Bradley February 18, 2022

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