Sewing Pattern Review - Tie Bow Blouse

Written by Caroline, Made by Aimee, Worn by Arna & Emmatie bow blouse black silk cotton

The Tie Bow Blouse by The Assembly Line is the perfect sewing pattern when your are looking for a little elegance that can transition from smart casual through to corporate chic, then onto sophisticated evening wear.  Timeless options determined by the fabric you choose to sew it in. 

We've sewn ours in a light weight silk cotton voile fabric which is slightly transparent - Arna is wearing a cotton voile slip underneath, while Emma (with pink skirt) has a simple merino tank under. assembly line tie bow blouse pattern reviewA classic shape that you will be able to wear for years to come - with or without the removable tie. assembly line tie bow blouse in black silk cotton voile pattern review
The pattern features bust darts and a standing collar where you can attach a tie with buttons to the back of the collar. The sleeves end with pleats to create a slight puff silhouette and close with button cuffs. assembly line tie bow blouse sewing pattern tech drawing

Pattern  Tie Bow Blouse by The Assembly Line

Size - Large. 
Emma's bust = 96cm   ; Arna's bust = 95cm

Fabric - Silk Cotton Voile - black 

Notions -  Vintage Glass Buttons

Skill Level - Intermediate

Maker - Aimee

Skills Used - 

  • Buttonholes
  • Collar
  • Cuffs

Review - 

We wanted to have a little fun with this make and turn this in to a longer tunic style shirt, which could be easily layered over trousers or tucked into a longer skirt and worn with a waist coat, cardigan or jumper.

assembly line tie bow blouse hack pattern review
Aimee lengthened the shirt by 40cm, she did this by lengthening straight down on the line of the shirt and squaring it off, the pattern already had side splits in it, so there was no need to adjust the pattern instructions. 

pattern hack the assembly line tie bow blouse

A really neat feature of this pattern is that the tie bow is adjustable. It attaches to the buttons at the back of the neck. 

assembly line tie bow blouse pattern review back collar

The sleeve has eye-catching inverted pleats at the cuffs. Aimee recommends pinning them and then tacking them down before stitching them up. The pattern has handy arrows which shows the direction of the pleats and makes it easier and more accurate. 

assembly line tie bow blouse pattern review sleeve pleats and cuff

tie bow blouse cuff with white buttons


Aimee really enjoyed making this shirt, even though it was for the store! The fabric that she paired it with is really special, a light silk cotton voile which we currently have a in range of colours.

tie bow blouse black silk with pink linen skirt

tie bow blouse with jeans


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